Weston Dressler Pens Letter To Rider Nation


Released by the Riders on Thursday, Weston Dressler sent a message out to Rider Nation…

TORONTO — A day after being released from the Saskatchewan Roughriders, former all-star slotback Weston Dressler let his thoughts known on Twitter.

In a photo capturing his thoughts, Dressler said that he “respects Chris Jones as a coach in the CFL and believes he will be very successful with the Saskatchewan Roughriders”.

He also weighed on his opinion on the negotiations had between he and the club which can be seen below:


Dressler was released from the club Friday.  For more on the shakeup in Riderville, click here.

For more social media reaction to the big trade, check out our Twitter Reactions blog here…

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17 thoughts on “Weston Dressler Pens Letter To Rider Nation

  1. Thanks Weston for being one of the greatest players we’ve had the privilege of watching in Riderville. We have no doubt that you’ll be with another team in no time but to the Rider faithful you will always be a Rider legend. God, bless & the Best of Luck!

  2. It is very very sad to see weston Dressler leave rider nation my heart breaks. He is an outstanding player and yes i understand the decission but wish more was done to keep him here. We will miss you Weston. All the best to you. But i still dont agree with this decisson at all.. Weston never should have been let go

  3. i think it was so stupid to let him go he has been a rough rider for 8 years and now since we got the Edmonton coach they think they can realease everyone and make a whole brand new team best of luck to Weston dressler

  4. Weston Dressler – a true class act. Your words only indicate how much of a man of integrity you are. You and John Chick will be missed immensely. Your development as a person who has become a legend with the Riders speaks for itself. Please be assured that you and John will be sorely missed. I hope that you continue to do well in life. Thanks for all you did for me as a Rider fan.

  5. Heartbreaking. Thanks for all you gave to the team and to us as fans. Yesterday when I read the news all I could feel was the pain to come watching you in another teams’ uniform beating us on the field…

  6. I can’t say enough ; it has been a tough ride for the Green and White since the thrilling Ken Miller seasons and the off the stool competition from Montreal and Calgary .The Grey Cup win in Regina popped the cork for those thrillers lost ! The fans seem happy and cynical from one breath to the next but they live and breath Rider ! What’s to say , if the teams folly wasn’t to reorganize a contract ie spread it out over five years instead of two and work it all out then it’s folly . Weston has little to prove , he tested the market in KC ; but in my opinion did not know the team well enough or chances of fitting in . Good pre signing scouting might have kept him in SK . or another team south ! There is only one judge of play and in the CFl it is attendance , Riderville has risen to the occasion and I can only hope the team and organization can regroup and sell out . I can’t say it enough I enjoyed the Riders in victory , near victory and as one network coined the adage”the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat “! I enjoyed the consistency and expectation of all pro play from Weston Dressler .

  7. Thanks Weston for your dedication and performance over the years . I enjoyed watching you on and off the field . My grandson is 10 and plays and loves football , he is wanting to be a receiver , plays that position now and had the most touchdowns and interceptions in his league .. He includes you in his favourite player list .
    Good luck in your future and on your next team .

  8. you were a joy to watch play the game I love.you will move on and play for some other team I’m am sure, I wish you all the best
    when you return for your first game against the riders management and staff will say to themselves what have we done?????

  9. Hi Weston, I lived in Saskatchewan for 20 plus years and have been a Rider fan for 40 yrs. For the last few years I have been shaking my head at quite a few things the organization has done, but somehow they have pulled through to regain my trust, however when they released Andy Fantuz a few years back I was stunned.
    When Don Narcisse left I was again saddened, when I heard the new of you and John Chick being released I almost died. I am and will always be a Rider fan, my only fear no is are they going o get rid of Getzlaf too? I always wondered why the Iders traded their good players who shine on other teams. Anyway I hope they see the mistake and take you both back before someone else snaps you up which I am sure you have several options. In any case I wish you all and hope to see you on a field, but please be gentle on the Riders!
    Always Vicke ( a loyal fan)!

  10. ‘my actions and words have always expressed my desire and joy to be part of Riderville.’ I may be mistaken, but didn’t he go south to try out for an NFL team a few years ago? Where was his desire and joy to be part of Riderville then?

  11. I want to welcome Weston Dressler to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers . I look forward to a great season with you as part of our team

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