BTS Vlogging| What I Learned About 52 CFL Players


TORONTO – When you’re asked to vlog behind the scenes of the major CFL media event of the year (baring Grey Cup, letttts be honest) YOU STEP UP AND SAY YES! If you don’t know what event I’m talking about, go give this a read and then come back. With 52 of the CFL’s best players in town I got to hang out BTS and film the whole thing. I wish I had been able to include more players in this video- the shoot was split between two locations and because the guys were rotating stations I didn’t get a chance to capture EVERYONE. With such ridiculous access I thought you might be interested to know what I learned about and from these dudes and if  not, no worries, go watch the vlog below and see for yourself!

  1. Every.Single.Player at this shoot was kinder and cooler than I had assumed
  2. Rivalries are a real thing, they don’t go away off the field
  3. THAT* Greg Ellingson catch still stings for Bryan Hall (now an Argo) and for several unnamed Cats
  4. They treat the media with a huge amount of respect and are fun and easy to work with across the board
  5. They LOVE their new jerseys and are equally as stoked about the sideline gear
  6. A lot of guys live for, or at least REALLY enjoy the camera (hey Simoni) some guys had trouble getting comfortable…for real
  7. Mike Reilly  is straight out of central casting
  8. For the most part they all got along and genuinely enjoyed getting the chance to hang out with one another, i.e. play Madden in the players lounge between takes
  9. Travis Lulay and Jon Jennings are as nice and get along as well or better than you imagine
  10. They care deeply about the fans and do this for YOU! They are always chatting about how this will impact and impress fans

Come behind the scenes with me and see EXACTLY what I’m talking about

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