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I Work In Sports And I’m Afraid Of Mascots

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I have a confession to make….I have always been hesitant to bring this up in the CFL office but… I am kind of afraid of mascots. The unpredictability, the mystery of who is in the suit (why are they hugging me!?) I just…I just can’t. I don’t like to tell people because I work with some hilarious people and undoubtedly someone is going to set up some awful prank.

Ahead of the Labour Day Classic I went to Hamilton to shoot with Stripes. Yes, I suggested this, I wanted to challenge Stripes to a mascot battle! I decided to vlog the experience for this week’s Brodie OT.

BTS Note- when Stripes put his arm around me that was a LEGIT scream. The only reason I started to smile was because I realized the people around me were cracking up and I had known all along this was going to happen….I’m an idiot.

Enjoy this episode of Brodie OT, let me know what you might like to see next @BrodieLawson

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